Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley

Posted on Feb 21, 2011 in Area Fun!

Construction began today on the Sky High Adventure Park at Holiday Valley. It will be opening this summer (June). Built above 4 acres of woods, the park will feature platforms, various bridges (such as suspension bridges and obstacle bridges), zip lines, and a coaster built on one of the mountains.

The concept is based on the Sandy Spring Adventure Park (the largest areal forest in North America… or so their website claims).  I can’t wait to try it out. Currently, Holiday Valley is featuring some sample bridges and platforms in the ceiling of their various lodges.

The coaster sounds pretty cool too. From HV’s Adventure Park info page:

The Mountain Coaster is similar to a roller coaster that is built on a mountain. People ride in a “car” and the car is attached to rails that follow a zig zagging spiraling path down the mountain. Riders are able to control their speed with brakes on the car.

Holiday Valley has a sample video showcasing what some of the features will look like:

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