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Wineglass Marathon

I’m not sure if I have made a good or bad decision. But here is an outline of recent events:

  1. My clothes are feeling tight. My gut is expanding.
  2. I want to try something different
  3. I mentioned on Facebook that I am considering the 1/2 Wineglass Marathon
  4. People seem to act as if it something humans are capable of accomplishing
  5. Researching training, I find there is enough training time if I start soon
  6. I review a few training apps for my phone and pick one.
  7. I realize how physically & emotionally unprepared I am
  8. Tonight I signed up for the 1/2 Marathon anyway (Just Do It right?)
  9. I just Googled it and realized that means 13.16 miles. Probably should have done that first
  10. I start running tomorrow
  11. I bought a Reese’s Pieces ice cream sunday from Peaches & Cream about an hour ago

I have never done any distance running. Perhaps I’ll fall and break both ankles on my first day of training. Perhaps, I’ll love it. Either way, I’ll keep you updated as to how the training is going, what my emotional state is, and how I’m progressing on my stats.

Day Zero Stats

Weight: 198

Pace: No idea. I’ll estimate 12 minute miles

Hair: Thinning

Sexiness: Average to Above Average

Goal Weight: 180

Goal Pace:  10 min miles

Goal Sexiness: Extreme

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8 thoughts on “Glass Half Full | Training for Wineglass

  1. Good luck! Give yourself some time to fall in love with running, it most likely won’t happen on your first or second run, but it’s there… 😉 See you at the start!

  2. I hit 300 Facebook Fans! That’s the first good thing (of hopefully many) to come out of training for wineglass!

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