Is Crystal City Olive Oil the Real Deal?

Crystal City Olive OilI found myself reading this random article about Olive Oil… don’t judge me.  I bookmarked and came back to it recently. Here’s the quick notes:

  • Some dude moved to Italy and wrote a book about Olive Oil
  • The majority of olive oil in the U.S. is a mix of olive and other oils
  • …or in some cases, not consisting of any olive oil.
  • These fraudulent oils are passed through Italy so it can get a “made in Italy” sticker.
  • There is no enforcement of labeling laws on what can be called “extra virgin olive oil”
  • Low grade / low cost olive oils are basically lamp oil
  • Real olive oil takes time, money, and skill to produce
  • California olive farms are producing pure oils for U.S. markets



So this guy’s book got popular and he started the website / campaign Truth in Olive Oil. I clicked around the site and found his constantly updated Great Olive Oils of the World list.  I wasn’t likely to find the relatively new Crystal City Olive Oil shop in Corning, but I recalled the owner telling me once that their oil came from a farm in California, so that’s a sign that it could be the legit stuff.  Scanning the list of Great Olive Oils of the World, I was curious to what may be in NY, and there it was! Under NY you’ll find Corning – Crystal City Olive Oil.

Awesome! It’s approved by the one guy I’ve ever heard of that is obsessed with olive oil enough to write a book about it. That’s good enough reason for me to bring all of my business there. It happens to be flippin great olive oil, makes a great gift, and the shopping experience is fun (think wine tasting, but with olive oils).

Crystal City Olive Oil | 2 West Market St, Corning, NY 14830 |

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9 thoughts on “Is Crystal City Olive Oil the Real Deal?

  1. I’ve been wanting to visit there for some time now. I’ve been afraid I will find too many things that I will find that I can’t live without!

  2. Yeah it’s pretty addicting. Their truffle oil is my favorite. I also make good dressing out of one of the mild oils mixed with their strawberry vinaigrette.

  3. I’m so going there next week! Just liked their FB page, thanks! I’m new to the area, and I hope you post more about things to do in the local area.

  4. We use Crystal City Olive Oil in The Cellar’s kitchen. Love both the products and Wendy, the shopkeeper.

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