Poppleton Pastries Completes Me

A few weeks ago you may have heard that Poppleton Pastries was temporarily closing for updates. I checked it out yesterday, and what I didn’t realize is that it’s altogether new: new owners, new interiors, and new menu… And I dig it.

If someone asked me 2 days ago, “what would make your summer more complete?” My answer would have been, “Bubble tea and crepes.”  With a variety of bubble tea flavors made with green or black tea, and a choice of pre-made or build-your-own crepes, the new owner of Poppleton Pastries totally nailed it. See evidence below:


Quick bullet points about my past

  • 2002-2005: I lived in Philly and was introduced to bubble tea by my then friend, now girlfriend, in China Town. Now we always stop when we happen across a place that has it.
  • 2005-2009: Lived in Florida where entire crepe-only restaurants were popular.
  • Have any readers noticed that I love bullet points?

I’m just pointing out that

  1. I’m not stretching the truth when I implied that bubble tea and crepes complete me
  2. I also like to list things using numbers

Poppleton still has most of the staple recipes you love (e.g. scones, house cookies, etc…).  The notable exception is that you will no longer find the popular Finger Lakes Wine Cake. But don’t fret, their pastries case was full of other awesomeness. And apart from the breakfast, lunch, and desert crepes, you’ll also find soups, quiches, and grilled cheese.  Now run by a super cool mom & daughter team, Poppleton will likely be one of my new go-to spots.

Poppleton Pastries | 23 W Market St, Corning, NY 14830 | (607) 937-3311

Myles Lasco

Myles Lasco

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12 thoughts on “Poppleton Pastries Completes Me

    1. Don’t kill the messenger! I know it’s hard to accept, but apparently the
      previous owner not quite ready to part with the recipe. The crepes make
      up for it.

  1. Today I saw it was open but didn’t have the time to check it out. After your report… I’ll be sure to make the time!

  2. Please don’t forget that Dorothy Poppleton was the one that originally brought you those delicious staples that you love.. The scones, house cookies, etc. :). The name Poppleton Pastries will always mean Dorothy to me

  3. Can not imagine anyone will ever come close to duplicating Dorothy’s. fine quality I will find out where she will go next and tell all my friemds so they will never miss the wonderful desserts she created I don’tget why someone else uses her name this is misleading

  4. The O’Herron-Mosher family heating up the comments; I like it! Don’t talk about pastries around these guys, they have opinions! Gun Control, For or Against:

  5. For all of you that did not realize there was a change,,,,there is a change and it is a GOOD change. The young lady that is now the new owner is remarkable!! If she is doing this at the young age she  is,,,,, OMG what does the future bring? It is lovely inside! The food is different but delectable!  Not only does she have those delicious scones and crepes but try the pies, cheesecakes, biscotti cookies and so much more!!  Sample galore! Perfect for the all the summer tourists! It brings to Market St the ambiance this beautiful city deserves. Please, don’t make an opinion if you have not tried it,,,, Let it speak for itself but most of all WISH THEM WELL!!

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