The Pulteney St Road Rage Apocalypse

bridgePatterson Bridge (the most direct route in and out of Corning from the west) is closed to traffic. For now it’s only closed to traffic leaving Corning (via Denison Parkway), but by the end of September, the bridge will be closed entirely until May 2014.  As traffic is diverted to the slower and smaller Pulteney St, I’ve already seen traffic jams, road rages, and accidents. Here’s some tips on how to avoid that.

Tip 1 – Timing is Key

If you can avoid a rush hour commute, you’ll probably enjoy life a little more than the rest of us. Morning and evening work commutes are frustrating at best. Lunch time can be downright narsty.

Tip 2 – No Left Turns (except at a traffic light)

Traffic both ways on Bridge St and Pulteney St is terrible (and we haven’t even closed the bridge both ways yet). Left turns onto either means crossing heavy traffic AND going into heavy traffic. It’s nearly impossible. If you are behind someone trying to take a left onto Bridge St or Pulteney St (which happened to me 3 times this week), you might be better off pulling a U and finding an alternate route. If you need to take a left onto Pulteney St or Bridge St, make it easier on yourself (and others) by going to an intersection with a light.

East Pulteney Red Lights
East Pulteney Red Lights

One of the hardest things is going to be using businesses that require you to take a left turn.  Thinking of going to Wegmans for lunch and then taking a left turn to leave? …Nope. Taking a left out of Fast Track onto Pulteney?… NOPE  NOPE NOPE. Left onto Bridge St from the end of Market St? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You make me laugh because you so stoooopit.  Want another one to avoid like the plague?… How about the dreaded corner at Fazzary’s Liqueur Store (unless you’re driving towards Corning, in which case William St is an awesome shortcut… see below)

Tip # 3 – Reduce time on Pulteney St

There are ways to avoid sections of Pulteney St. Experiment and see what works for you. I’ve highlighted some popular options to 1) make your life easier, and 2) lighten the load for other drivers. Dodge Ave, Onodaga St, and W. Williams St are safe bets, especially if you live on the North Side.

Avoid Pulteney St
Avoid Pulteney St

Those directional arrows are showing what direction to go on a particular “short cut” street. If you’re planning on using those streets to pass sections of Pulteney, don’t go opposite of the arrows or you’ll end up at a difficult left turn (unless you live on or off of one of those streets). 

Tip 4 – Avoid Pulteney & Bridge St Altogether

Even if it seems a little out of the way, it’ll be smooth sailing to use route 86 to avoid the problem area altogether, if you can. It will also cut down on the load for drivers that do absolutely need it.

Tip 5 – Be Nice!

Calm the hell down and consider what other drivers are going through. For instance, if you see someone trying to take a left off of Pulteney, give them a break; even if they are at a light, there is likely no left arrow. They will feel terrible for holding up traffic just for driving home. Be nice and wave them through.

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14 thoughts on “The Pulteney St Road Rage Apocalypse

  1. Unfortunately the level of Douchebaggery in this fine place I call home will never simmer enough for anyone to stop and let someone out of a side street. Its just not going to happen.

  2. Corey, I live on the Northside and I feel your Pain. There are no left arrows and I have literally held traffic up through an entire green light yesterday. I had to bolt out in front at the second green light turn… and I got beeped at… EH! That’s why my last tip is: BE NICE (and I should add, don’t take revenge on others when someone else wasn’t nice to you)

  3. I tried to get out of fastrac for almost 20 minutes while people looked at me like I’m am idiot when I tried creeping out

  4. Cayuta and Onondaga st are not great streets to try to take “shortcuts” down. People park in the road and the streets are not wide enough for 1 side or 2sided parking while letting traffic to pass. Just a FYI 🙂

  5. I live on Balcom, the road that runs between Fastrac and the auto parts place. To say its a nightmare trying to take a left onto Pulteney is an understatement. I usually end up going to Buffalo to catch the left arrow – it helps. I feel bad for the folks that actually live ON Pulteney. Must be so frustrating. 🙁

  6. And while I’m complaining about Pulteney let me rant for a sec about the designated turn lane that runs from in front of Subway to just before the entrance to Fastract. Please please PLEASE, people, don’t drive that lane all the way down to the Pulteney St.- Buffalo St. intersection!!! I have nearly been hit head-on numerous times because morons think that it’s okay to drive the turn lane all the way down to the light. 🙁

  7. Ken, I noticed that Onodaga can be quite packed, especially after school. You can wiggle around other streets in there, but really it’s only necessary if you live on the north side and just want to get off pulteney. It’s great for me because I live towards the end of onodaga so it’s a direct shoot home.

  8. I’m surprised no one pointed out that I misspelled Apocalypse. Which was totally on purpose to see who here is smart. Which is none of us. I mean, none of you. I’m smart, because I totally did that on porpoise (like a dolphin).

  9. And please stop at the stop signs in the side streets. And don’t be flying through there. Remember these are neighborhoods. We have kids that are out and about. Especially on Sly Ave!

  10. I’ve learned that in order to make a left onto Bridge or Pulteney, you have to make a right and find a light or do u-turn.

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