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Posted on Sep 23, 2013 in Area Fun!

In an effort to reach the judges of the Most Fun Small Town in America contest, I offer the following photo representation of my shenanigan’s during The Harvest Music Festival, one of the 7 billion street festivals we host here in Corning, NY. If you’re not familiar, it’s a weekend of beer, wine, music, and friends.

Friday night was the beer and wine tasting where local businesses house local wine & beer samplings as well as live music. It’s impossible to hit up every single spot, but we sure tried.

1017405_361506243982014_288313215_nWe started at The Site, but in retrospect we should have ended there. They had the biggest and best selection. Importantly, they had the Pumpkin beer from Horseheads Brewing, my favorite beer of the evening.  Also, notice my Friend Emily’s ingenious method of holding 2 cups in one hand. Secondly, I would like to point out that Emily and I independently agree that this is the worst photo ever taken of either of us; It was after all, taken by a Dutch dude (see below).

1236737_10103646723962880_1196291352_nBy the time we made it to our second stop on the tour, Cap’N Morgans, we acquired 5 additional friends.  It wasn’t yet, but we would soon become a rowdy, ragtag group of deviants. JK JK!! We are and were all professionals who in no way did anything weird, crazy, or dangerous this night. Except for that Lars dude in the back… he’s from the Netherlands and just doesn’t give a flying flock of seagulls.

1239720_10201603073295347_1861896176_nAfter a prolonged and photoless visit to Bottles and Corks, we made our way to Vitrix where we were determined to take at least one sexy photo this evening.

1231436_10201603100936038_302519578_nHolmes Plate had a fine selection of Ithaca beers, but they were PACKED with a dinner crowd.

faceA good wine selection at the Corning Branch of Elmira Saving’s Bank resulted in some window twerking from a certain member of our group.

1237745_10201603198418475_650021503_nBest band of the night goes to whatever band was playing at Pure Design, because they landed me a hot dancing partner.

76825_10201603229459251_945435954_nWe were late comers to the Rockwell Museum, evident by the devastation previously inflicted upon this cheese plate.

1234392_361546920644613_491021452_nAfter a few more photoless stops at Mecca Books and Stained Glass Works, our new friend from the Netherlands asked us to pose for this unfortunately not-as-sexy-as we-imagined photo at Dippity Do Dahs. Luckily, I was wearing my sexy as hell green pants purchased earlier that day at Tommy Hilfiger.

1186314_10201603351782309_1204890932_nOn our way to the next establishment, we found a motorist in need. Even though my photography skills were waning at this point, our group’s automobile pushing skills were top notch.

1237127_361567787309193_413953446_nDang it! We ran out of time and didn’t make another tasting stop! But we did make it to Aniellos and split a pizza. I decided it was a good time to take an even more terrible photo than I had taken earlier at the site. I was going for “drunk turtle,” and I believe I succeeded.

541373_10201910204337478_117054023_nBut wait… I thought the night was over? We just had the traditional late night Aniellos Pizza. Where could we be going?

994000_361598600639445_1432856042_nBAM!!! Two dozen hot wings from the Woodhouse! That’s how we ROLL.

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