OMG! Fran’s Landing Clam Strips!

2013-09-13 19.46.41I’m writing this hungry and so I’ll just tell you what’s what:

  1. I’m highly addicted to Clam Strips
  2. Fran’s Landing has the best Clam Strips in the area

There are other places around that have clam strips, but those are nubs of mostly batter, with the faintest resemblance of what a clam strip should aspire to be. I’m a clam strip snob; my favorite spot is a random marina on Merritt Island, FL near my mom’s house (homemade / the size of chicken fingers). So I’m spoiled. But don’t for a second think I’d ever turn down even the faintest idea of a clam strip. I love them. I LOVE THEM ALL. AHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHCLAMSTRIPSHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Sorry… I’m hungry… Where was I…

This past Friday, my friend Sandy was all “hey want to go to Fran’s Landing?” and I was all “What? Fram’s Panda Ring?” and she was like “Fran’s Landing, it’s like my favorite place ever”. Sandy and her husband, both blog fans & Franatics (yes Fran’s, you can steal that), were in disbelief that I, local attractive blogger who needs friends please call me, had never visited Fram’s Panda Ring.  [remind me in the future not to write a blog when I’m hungry, this is going downhill fast]

Appetizer? Clam chowder, it was good. Clam strips? Miles MILES MYLES (yes?) above the competition. Big juicy strips. Their tartar and cocktail sauces are great (as a general rule, most cocktail sauces are terrible – so even if you hate cocktail, give Fran’s a whirl). I was told that their clam strips are available all week (not exclusive to Fish Fry Fridays), but I have not verified that, but upon quick menu inspection, I did not see them listed). Take a look at these bad boys:

Clam Strips at Frans Landing
Are those chicken fingers? NOPE! Clam Strips!

If you don’t like Clam Strips, that’s OK, we can never be friends, but that’s OK in terms of your enjoyment of Frans Landing. They have full out dinners or quick bar menu items like wings and spiced fries. Sandy and her hubby go there once a week, so even though you don’t know them, take my word for it that they are making good life decisions.

2013-09-13 19.44.01-2

Fran’s Landing | 996 Addison Rd, Painted Post, NY | (607) 359-3000

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  1. Got to chuckle at a bit of teteoturs’. I would love to think what he meant by “Well I’m just telling you that if you say that word and a member of the public tells us, certain things will happen”, he meant he would help explain that it was nothing to worry about and to move along now.Somehow I guess it wasn’t though ffs.

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