Centerway Walking Bridge | Now Open!

As of today, the Centerway Walking Bridge is now open! Other than the structural upgrades, there are some other updates to check out.

  • North Side info board on History of the Chemung River
  • South Side info board on the history of the bridge
  • A park setting with benches and landscaping
  • Some installations such as a section of glass tiles
  • Animal paw print markers for kids to find
  • And yes… the maze is back and better than ever

Check out the slideshow above!

To celebrate the Bridge opening, a fireworks display will go off from the bridge during the Parade of Lights on Nov. 30th.

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13 thoughts on “Centerway Walking Bridge | Now Open!

  1. The maze is actually not paint but some sort of reflective tape or something… not sure, but it won’t fade this time.

  2. Great that this historic bridge is open agan! Will make a nice recreational area. My one criticisim is that at night time the lamps are to glaringly bright. Much brighter than anything else nearby. Would have been nice if the light was directed downward instead of out in every direction.

  3. Perfect running weather has arrived to! At least for folks like me that don’t like running in the heat. This bridge is one of my favorite parts of running through town!

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