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I grew up with an Italian grandmother, and I was a poor college student… If I never eat spaghetti again for the rest of my life, I’d be fine with that. As a result, I’ve been to Sorge’s for dinner maybe four times total. However, while  “researching” (AKA eating out alone so I don’t have to admit to my girlfriend why I’m poor and don’t have ripped abs) for an article about breakfast options on Market St, I fell in love with Sorge’s egg muffin. Since I base my restaurant decisions solely on their proximity to my mouth, I occasionally walk the half block from my office to Sorge’s to try out their options, pre-pasta hour.


2013-11-16 09.57.11 My favorite sit-down breakfast is eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee… sometimes meat if I’m feeling frisky. Sorge’s does regular breakfast every morning. It’s important to point out that Sorge’s toast comes buttered. [FACT: If you do not apply the butter yourself, the calories do not count.] Waffles, french toast, and other breakfast items are available as well. As for price, you’d be over-eating if you spent more than $6 per person; if you’re still going to McDorks for breakfast, change it up. Sunday they have a buffet, which I haven’t been to, but it looks to be quite popular. See the full breakfast menu here.


2013-11-13 13.28.03I try to eat healthy, when I can’t make it home for lunch. So even though Sorge’s lunch menu has sandwiches, burgers, and pastas, I try to stick with one of their 15 salads… yes… they have 15 salads for lunch. Their grilled chicken salad has everything a body needs, and if I’m feeling too skinny, I can upgrade to fried at no extra cost. When it comes to lunch, they have more of a diner’s menu and less of the Italian dinner you might associate with Sorge’s. Check out the full lunch menu here.

 Sorge’s Restaurant | 68 W Market St, Corning, NY 14830 |


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  1. I like Italian food; BUT I dislike thick heavy pasta of most sorts…prefer angel hair, thin or small shells etc. love basil, rosemary, oregano too.

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