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In the past few years, yoga has boomed and I mean, BOOOOMED. Everyone and their grandmas are trying out yoga and they have a class for every unique individual. If you want partner yoga, then acroyoga is for you. How about flying? Ariel yoga is calling your name. If you’re a beer lover, they are doing yoga in breweries with tastings! Now, I give you….

Yoga and Wine!

YogaWineExperience a 90 minute Yoga class followed by a relaxed tasting of some of the best wines in the Finger Lakes area: Damiani Wine!

Damiani Wine Cellars | Saturday, January 18th @ 6PM. See the event page

The idea and design of this class is to mix the movement of yoga with the theory of acupuncture. Moving through the poses starts to invigorate the Sinew Channels of our body, which are specifically connected to our organ systems and each organ system is connected to a sensory. So as we stretch and deeply twist, we begin to open up our channels and stimulate the orifices allowing us to smell a little deeper or taste the fullness the wine has to offer. After exhorting energy and a restorative Savasana, yogis will be prepared to have an outer body experience while sampling the fine wines of Damiani.

Warm your winters with wine and yoga.  Explore what our local vineyards have to offer & taste some of finest wines around!




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