Corning’s Pizza War

Corning has plenty of good / rational people. However, strike up a conversation about the best pizza place in Corning, and you’ll find yourself in a bar fight… even if you didn’t start the conversation in a bar. I propose a truce… a counter-argument to the idea that there has to be a “best” in the first place. There’s a time and place for all of our pizza joints.

 Pudgie’sThe Party Pizza


I’m starting with Pudgie’s Pizza because it’s probably the most divisive. People love to hate it, but it’s undeniably an area success. Their pizza is unique – too thick to be New York style, and it’s definitely not Chicago style. Pudgie’s gets a bad wrap because of terrible imitations. I’ve overheard friends claiming that their gas station knock-off pizza was a legit Pudgie’s pizza… they are no longer my friends.

The best way to enjoy Pudgie’s is at a party with 1-2 sheet pizzas.  Perhaps I should rephrase that… the best way to enjoy a party is with 1-2 Pudgie’s sheet pizzas. If you grew up near a Pudgie’s, every birthday party, school event, and team sports get-together had at least a couple sheets to help you sleep at night. And by sleep, I mean put you into a food coma.

Pudgie’s Pizza is @ 61 Bridge St. Corning, NY | Website 

Aniello’sThe Community Pizza


Discussions about Aniello’s often devolve into complete pizza-rage attacks. I’ve found that if you ask someone who grew up in the city of Corning where to get pizza, they’ll probably say Aniello’s, while transplant-residents more often say something else. That’s because Aniello’s is a central part of life for people who grew up in Corning.

Parents bring their kids for dinner because it’s an energetic atmosphere. Teens hang out there doing whatever it is that teenagers do. And the bar crowd ends up there because… well, because they’re open. It doesn’t really matter if you love it or hate it, if you’re in Corning long enough, you’ll end up at Aniello’s one way or another.

Aniello’s Pizzeria is @ 68 E. Market St, Corning, NY | On Facebook

Rico’sThe True NY Pizza


Rico’s is somewhat removed from the drama surrounding the other pizza joints. But don’t mistake that fact for it not being worth fighting about. Rico’s makes a very good classic NY-Style pizza and there just isn’t anything to complain about, unless you don’t like NY-style pizza… in which case, move.

Rico’s is a trendy spot where you can relax and be your cool self while sipping on a Jones Soda. Now that I think about it, it should have made my list of Top 10 Places to Eat Alone, but it also makes a good pop-in spot for a quick pizza date (my kind of date). I used to work in NYC; when I’m on Market St and need a slice similar to what I found in the city, I head to Rico’s.

Rico’s Pizza is @ 92 W. Market St, Corning, NY | Website

 Atlas | The Dinner Pizza


Atlas and Aniello’s are nearly across the street from each other, and because of this they are at the center of Corning’s Pizza War. If you live in Corning, you have an opinion, and it’s nearly impossible to hold it back. Calm yourself; I come in peace.

Atlas has a great atmosphere for a sit-down pizza dinner. Their specialty pizzas can’t be beat, but I’m a purist and usually opt for plain – I love their cheese blend. If nothing else, I get their fantastic cheesy bread or – my favorite salad in Corning – the garden salad with their house (creamy) Italian dressing. There’s also an upstairs bar that makes a great stop for the hungry bar hopper. 

Atlas Brick Oven Pizza is @ 35 E Market St, Corning, NY | Website

Padre’s | The Secret Pizza

Padres Pizza

Padre’s is the secret pizza spot for us North Siders. That being said, no business wants to be a “secret business,” and there’s good reason to visit them.

It’s surprisingly unique inside with a soda shop / pizza joint atmosphere. They also have a huge menu, from burgers and pasta to tacos and subs. Don’t miss their garlic knots; they are killer. It’s also the only place around to get something similar to Rochester NY’s famous garbage plate (called the Padre Platter: 2 cheeseburgers – or 2 hotdogs or 2 italian sausages- on top of tuna mac & french fries, topped with meat sauce, onions, and mustard). After I completed that last sentence, I had a heart attack and I died.

Padre’s Pizza Parlor is @ 108 Bridge St, Corning, NY | Website

OIP | The Best Pizza in Corning and Everyone Can Just Shut Up About It


All that nice stuff I mentioned earlier about containing my opinion and bringing peace… pure lies. Original Italian Pizza (OIP) is the best pizza in Corning and everyone can just shut up about it.

OIP has its downfalls… it’s in a lonely plaza (until the north side Top’s opens), the decor is… well… non-existent, and ordering to-go doesn’t compare to having a slice fresh from their oven. That being said, OIP is the best pizza in Corning and everyone can just shut up about it.

  OIP is @ 360 W Pulteney St, Corning, NY | (607) 936-5080

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29 thoughts on “Corning’s Pizza War

  1. I wouldn’t say the atmosphere in OIP is non-existent. Have you been there at lunch time? That place is hoppin’.  Don’t even get me started on their chicken salad or their char broiled wings. I could happily become obese on them.

  2. What about Little Beans Pizzeria? I know we’re on “the other side of the highway” and all…but HEY we have people over here too! 🙂

  3. i think this is a great debate and maybe a couple of those places could step up their game especially in the likeablity and service department if we grade them on being good to the employes etc…

  4. LittleBeans  I’m not above heading to Painted Post to get me some Little Beans. This was a “corning” post so I’ll give LB some love of their own in the near future.

  5. being born in Corning, and having lived there until an adult, i would say Aneillo’s. Lots of great memories (which is part of the pizza experience) and always a great pie. Just my opinion. And yes, I probably spelled it wrong. Never could get it right. BTW-it’s 80 in AZ today….

  6. Yum … OIP! And you didn’t even even mention their chargrilled hot wings! We always get our wings with a side of pizza.

  7. Aniello’s is only convenient at best, due to location. Definitely not the best pizza in Corning. I would I have to agree with you on OIP as being best. Top that with their wings being best as well. Why more can I say.

  8. I will always say Aneillo’s! I grew up with my uncle working there since it was a tiny place across the street. Not saying the others aren’t good, but every time we come back to Corning from South Carolina, Aneillos is one of our first stops!!

  9. I don’t know why anyone would argue about this..everyone has a right to their choice of favorite local pizza. Pudgies is my favorite, but I think they charge too much. My Husband likes Pizza Hut. My second choice actually would be Picnic Pizza for the thin crust pizza. We like what we like. 🙂

  10. The “standard” that my wife and I use to compare is Aneillo’s.  Very difficult to beat that for our money.  It’s also one of the first things (and last) that we do whenever we visit.  I also like Picnic Pizza too – as I grew up on it when I was a kid spending my time at the Arnot Mall.

  11. Well since pudgies and Anellios were the only two pizza places I can remember in Corning, I have to go with Anellios. Honestly i haven’t had a slice of their pizza since 1977 when my family moved to Florida but I can tell you that I haven’t had a better slice since then

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