List of things I love: 1) Boomers’ Burritos. End of List.

Saturday morning I walked by Little Boomers’ Burritos and peeked through the windows. By lunchtime, they looked open and I went inside. I think I may have been their first customer.  Little Boomer told me he was doing a soft (unannounced) opening to start training staff. My friend and I got burritos. They. Were. Awesome. Fast forward to lunch hour on Monday… I’m walking back from the bank and I see a zombie horde attacking Boomers’ entrance demanding brains. So much for the “soft opening,” it was slammed.

2014-03-15 12.38.21
Soft Opening day this past Saturday

Let me answer the important question first; Boomer’s is really good! There are ton of options: Four meats (chicken, steak, ground beef, or pork) and a vegetarian option (grilled onions & peppers), put into a burrito, bowl, salad, or taco, and then add a host of toppings. You can also get chips w/ salsa or guac, but be forewarned the main dish is filling; I was satisfied by just the marinated meat-filled tacos.

Inside Little Boomers

The look is a complete change from the days this location hosted DeClemente’s. The atmosphere is cozy and energetic. It is centrally located and I’m very excited that they are just few doors from my office at RealtyUSA on Market St (do you like how I slipped that in there?).

Be kind! I know you get hangry at lunch, but remember that these are the new guys in town and there are bound to be some bumps (I heard they actually ran out of some things today…. I take that as a good sign!). Relax, let them work out the kinks, and they’ll be booming before you know it.

 Little Boomers’ Burritos | 30 W Market St, Corning, NY 14830 | Like them on Facebook

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10 thoughts on “List of things I love: 1) Boomers’ Burritos. End of List.

  1. We had dinner there tonight. It was amazing! Although it took awhile to get our food it was worth the wait and it really wasn’t a terribly long of a wait. Very excited that there is another great restaurant to choose from on Market St.

  2. Awesome I’ve been waiting so long it feels like and hoping it’d be worth it! Sounds great and looks very much almost identical to chipotles which I love an was wishing we’d get one of those around here… Well that’s for the info!

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