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I moved to Corning in 2008.  I loved walking to the shops, exploring the museums, and nearly bankrupting myself eating at all of the local fooderies.  I’ve seen Corning grow and I’ve made some great friends through this blog.  It’s been fun sharing my experiences with all of you. It is with some hesitation that I’m sharing my good news: In the first week of May, I am moving to Seattle, Washington.

When I started this blog, I simply wanted a place to write down my experiences in my new town.  When I started listing events in the area, my traffic started increasing a bit. When people began to recognize me in public, I started to walk in a slightly cooler fashion. I have a possible interested party that will continue UrbanCorning, and I will seriously consider any offers that come in before I move ( I want to see UrbanCorning continue in good hands… The good hands of a billionaire blogging tycoon.

I will continue writing articles and posting events throughout the month of April. I will hopefully find someone to take over by then. Stay tuned to the UrbanCorning facebook page for more updates, articles, events, info on how you can buy the stuff I want to sell before I move, and my official move date. If you want to buy me a beer or 6 before I go, here’s how.

Myles Lasco

Myles Lasco

Former Website Director and Head Writer at
Myles started and in 2008, and ran it until May of 2014. Myles moved to Tacoma, WA and his new website can be found at:
Myles Lasco
Myles Lasco
Myles Lasco

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Myles Lasco
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12 thoughts on “Myles is Retiring

  1. NO! Who will give us the inside scoop on when new and exciting places are opening on Market St.? Who will be the first to review the new tasty food fair of the latest restaurants? Who will say in writing what we are all thinking about?!

  2. Sorry to hear that! But best of luck in whatever you plan to do in Seattle. Be sure to visit Olympic national park!

  3. Sad to see you go- you certainly did a better job of keeping us up to date on the latest happenings than the Gaffer District page did. Best of luck!

  4. Aww too bad for Corning but exciting for Seattle! The Northwest is a beautiful and fun part of the country. Nothing quite like it. Good luck!

  5. Myles – sad to hear you are leaving but know you will flourish wherever you are planted. Hope to see you before you leave.

  6. I don’t know if its possible to find someone to replace you Myles Lasco and we are for sure going to miss your insight to the Crystal City! 🙁

  7. Thank you everyone for your encouragement! Can you all write your replies on paper and mail them to my girlfriend’s parents? Marcie you might have to clean yours up a little.

  8. Leave us a Myles-mask. We can take turns being you while we are out and about. Leave us your credit card number as well… You know, to cover expenses.

  9. Going to miss you!!! You were a great friend to Centre Stage Community Theatre! How will I know what’s going on in Corning now???? Thank you and good luck!!

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