Twenty Dollars and Two Hours

Parking in Corning has its limitations and frustrations, but one thing is for sure: when you’re parked on Market Street, you get two hours before needing to move to the next zone. I’ve always wondered what a visitor or tourist is able to accomplish in that amount of time, so I found a test subject who would undertake just such an experiment… my intern, Brianna VanOsdol. Here is her report:

Today I walked into work, and five minutes later walked out with twenty dollars and an assignment to be a tourist for two hours on Market Street. I walked out of Urban Corning Headquarters and took a left (I decided to make a loop).  I hit up all my favorite boutiques on the first couple blocks such as Pips, Glamour and Glow, and Posh.  As I continued to wander, I realized there were quite a few places that I hadn’t been before. 

To my surprise, there were many more antique shops than I expected, all unique in their own presentation of their products.  One of my favorite stops was the West End Gallery.  I loved seeing all of the different oil paintings and the stories behind some of them.

West End Gallery in Corning

Picking up an appetite from walking, I decided to stop for lunch at Sorge’s, a very cute Italian restaurant on Market Street, and I enjoyed a delicious sandwich; eight dollars down.

Sorge's Italian Restaurant in Corning

I passed many salons and hair studios on my walk, temped to go in for a trim, I regressed and continued walking (next time!).  The bright colors in the coffee shops and cafes on Market Street are extremely appealing and went in to Poppleton Bakery to scope out some sweet treats; three dollars down, nine left to go.  

My last stop on my way back to the office was The Glass Menagerie where I bought three adorable glass animal figurines as little accessories for the office; three dollars each.

The Glass Menagerie in Corning

Yes, a two-hour limit on Market Street can seem annoying at first, but there is so much to do for every age, and every taste.  Even enjoying a walk up and down the street taking in the beautiful architecture and people of Corning, NY is enough to add some happiness to your day.

So there you have it, the official conclusion that one can have a good time in Corning on a budget and a time limit. Now don’t all rush out the door for adorable glass animal figurines from The Glass Menagerie!

Sean Lukasik
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