All aboard The Polar Express!

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urlIf you’re reading this at the time of original posting, you still have time to jump on the train by heading down to The Rockwell Museum for a community showing of The Polar Express at 6 p.m. tonight.

The event is free for kids and teens, with accompanying adults paying just $5. Families are invited to wear their coziest jammies and bring a pillow for a watch-in of the modern holiday classic.

Now, why would you want to pay anything to take your kids to watch a flick you can probably watch from home on satellite TV, 24/7 throughout the month of December? It’s called COMMUNITY, people. Go on out and get you some.

The kids are officially out of school now. Most of them are already in their PJ’s from holiday festivities in class today, and the Christmas countdown is ON. Bring your kids and a couple of their friends and start a tradition that signals the official start of Christmas break.

I have to say, there is something about watching a movie like this with a roomful of kids who know the words to the songs and all the key lines, but still gasp at moments of Christmas-saving peril. Yeah, it’s cozy to cuddle up at home for holiday movie marathons but this … this is something more. This is about creating and sharing some holiday magic with your friends and neighbors in our snow globe of a little town. THIS is what Christmastime is all about.

If you can’t make it tonight, you’ve got another chance tomorrow at 2 p.m. All aboard!

Call The Rockwell Museum at 607-937-5386 for reservations or reserve online:–All-Aboard-the-Polar-Express-.html?soid=1102824137356&aid=WRAGiHLRRiE

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