4 Reasons Market Street is Getting Better

1) More Candy

Demitri's Confectionery Treats in Corning, NY

I don’t know who Demitri is, but I think we’re going to get along just fine.

I’m the guy who can’t leave Old World Cafe without buying some of those candy paper dots with the glue on them or a long rope of licorice. The worst part about Old World is how they present their candy in beautiful, antique display jars that make me feel sentimental about diabetes. Well now there’s an entire store down the street called Dimitri’s Confectionery Treats that is scheduled to open around Thanksgiving. Their Facebook page has pictures of peanut butter filled chocolate, taffy, and even sugar-scented pencils called “Smencils.” When I’m on my first great Dimitri’s sugar high, I’ll be sure to post a Smencil drawing to the Urban Corning Instagram account.


2) Tableware and Kitchen Accessories

Dish & Co. in Corning, NY

Corningware is great and all, but it’s not from Portugal and it’s not the only thing I need for my kitchen!

In case I am ever in one of those awkward icebreaker situations where I have to tell a “random fact” about myself to a group of professional adults who reduce themselves to one adjective (like Silly Susan or Red Shirt Ryan who was so crippled with fear that I had to provide his adjective for him), my random fact will be that I love to cook. I’m not the only one, right?! That’s why Dish & Co., set to open soon at 18 West Market Street, is going to be very popular with the locals – or at least with this one. Signs on the windows say they’ll be selling Portuguese Tableware plus accessories, gifts, and home furnishings. Other signs say they’ll be opening soon. Get in line.


3) Italian Food

I hope they improve the aesthetic of the outside of the building, but it really won't matter once there's cheese inside.

I hope they improve the aesthetic of the outside of the building, but it really won’t matter once there’s cheese inside.

No no no, there won’t be any competition with Sorge’s. When I say Italian food, I mean there’s an Italian Deli and Cheese market planned for 14-16 West Market Street, a building that has housed the likes of an electronics store, an arcade, and multiple consignment shops. This one is not quite as far along as the others, but I’m already working out in preparation for the unmentionable amount of salami and cheese I will consume when it’s just a block away from my office. Just a suggestion to the future owner of this establishment: don’t hire anyone who will ask questions like, “Didn’t you just order a whole pound of provolone yesterday, Mr. Lukasik?” and “Don’t you live by yourself, Mr. Lukasik?” Save it.


4) M-M-M-My Shawarma

My Shawarma in Corning, NY

The Knack would be proud to know their hit song, My Sharona, instantly just became a thousand times more delicious.

It’s finally open! I’ve seen your signs, My Shawarma, and I’ve watched the progress of your outdoor trellis and I’ve changed the lyrics in my head from “My Sharona” to the name of your restaurant and I’ll be using your Middle Eastern wraps as a microphone while I’m singing about how happy I am that you’re finally on Market Street. If you don’t know, it’s in the old Walker Cake location and has been a highly-anticipated lunch and dinner destination ever since they bolted their sign to the corner of the building. I’m not saying that I’ll be physically bolted to the inside of their building, but what I AM saying is that their menu offers to put french fries directly inside of my laffa wrap. Have we met in a past life?

Sean Lukasik
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  1. Betsy Snyder
    November 9, 2015

    Sean, I was laughing so hard reading this! Great article! Always excited for new places on Market Street! Love this town.


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