Urban Corning’s Top 10 Posts of 2015

We’d like to start this post by saying, thank you. Thank you to all of our readers. Because of you, 2015 was one of Urban Corning’s best years to date. In just 365 days we got to learn more about some of the really amazing people that call Corning home, helped usher in incredible new businesses, explored places that haven’t been touched by the public in decades, celebrated Crystal City traditions and asked the hard-hitting questions: like how does one kitten shut down an entire city block?

We’re proud of the stories that we brought you throughout the last year, and we hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. Below you’ll find the list of Urban Corning’s ten most popular posts. Use it as an opportunity to revisit your favorites, catch up on the ones you missed or, like us, fall in love with the stories all over again.

10) GlassFest In 45 Seconds

If you’re from Corning, you know GlassFest. The four-day festival features artist demonstrations, fireworks, concerts, food trucks, live glassblowing and more; all in celebration of the Crystal City’s rich glass heritage. We were at the sixth annual GlassFest, camera in hand, to produce a 45-second time-lapse that shows just how much this little city rocks. (SEE VIDEO)

9) Hidden Corning

A lot of the upper-story spaces on Market Street have been turned into beautiful living options. But in some quiet, tucked-away locations, above the hustle and bustle of the storefronts below, sit the remnants of a bygone era. Last July, we debuted a series of posts that look above, below, around and behind the things you see in Corning everyday. ‘Hidden Corning’ reveals details and stories about our city’s interesting features, like the Athens Hotel, that are hidden in plain sight. (READ FULL POST)

8) Market Street One-Way Win-Win

Remember what we said at the beginning of this post? About asking the tough questions? Well last May we asked a big one: what if Market became a one-way street? Take a second to think about it. There would be more space for outdoor seating at bars and restaurants, sidewalks would be widened for foot traffic and the entire stretch would become more pedestrian friendly. But how would it happen? Would it work? Would it even be worth it? To be fair, we’re not entirely sure. But hey, at least we asked the question. (READ FULL POST)

7) Hand + Foot Is A Reminder That Everything Is Okay

Since its opening, Hand + Foot has taught us all a valuable lesson: trust others and enjoy yourself. If your plan is to have a great night out in Corning, let go of the things you’re accustomed to and have the staff at H+F show you what this small town is truly capable of. They’re big on three things: selection, hospitality and quality. Whether you drink wine, beer or whiskey, you’ll either find an old friend or a new favorite. Whether your goal is to belly up or lay back, the staff is completely on board. And, if your only idea of a great night is a can of beer and some fried pickles, you’re in for a treat at Hand + Foot. (READ FULL POST)

6) The Kitten That Brought Market Street To Its Knees

Lily, a stray kitten, spent a weekend carhopping in Downtown Corning. In those couple of days she made friends with a newlywed couple, met a few of Corning’s finest police officers, evaded some unlucky mechanics, shut down traffic on Market Street between Cedar and Pine, and still had time to find a forever home. We were lucky enough to witness her antics in person, and sat down with the trouble-causing tabby to get her side of the story. (READ FULL POST)

5) Beekman 1802 Popping Up On Market Street

Beekman 1802 is considered one of the “fastest growing lifestyle brands in the country.” For the past two summers, the founders, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, have personally selected a location for the brand’s seasonal outpost pop-up location, and Market Street was their pick for 2015. The “Fabulous Beekman Boys” were in town from May to October. Though the stay was short, it should be noted that Beekman 1802 would not be such a celebrated brand if they didn’t pay attention to lifestyle – and it was a big deal to have their blessings on this small city as a lifestyle destination. (READ FULL POST)

4) Four Reasons Market Street Is Getting Better

Our city is home to a variety of really great businesses. Better yet, a huge majority of them are locally owned and independently operated. From Mediterranean shawarma and Italian deli meats to Portuguese ceramics and old-fashioned penny candy, it’s not hard to see that the offerings of our businesses are becoming more and more diverse. (READ FULL POST)

3) Why Everyone In Corning Should Care About Academy Place

From young professionals to retirees, we should always try to attract new people to our city. Academy Place offers many of those new residents a place to call their own while they assimilate to life here in Corning. Last Spring we had an opportunity to tour the structure, while it was still under-construction, with local architect Elise Johnson-Schmidt. In addition to providing a seriously cool new living option, Academy Place pays homage to the architecture and history of Corning Free Academy, a highly regarded local landmark. (READ FULL POST)

2) Random Acts Of Kindness Bring Warmth To Corning

Last winter was cold. Bitterly, bitterly cold. One night, with a forecast of sub-zero temperatures, Crystal DeWert McCannon set out to help. Soon after, we started seeing hats, gloves and scarves left around town with notes that read, “I am not lost! If you need me, take me. God Bless.” We posted a photo on Facebook, and that photo went viral. As a result, we tracked down Crystal to hear her story and share its inspiration with you all. (READ FULL POST)

1) The Journey To Corning As A Lesbian

Last April, we had the pleasure of interviewing Connie Sullivan-Blum, Executive Director of The ARTS Council, about her family’s move to Corning and the warm welcome that they enjoyed. When friends and family ask what it’s like to live in Corning, we often tell them that it’s not like most small cities. We’re proud to know that Connie and her family also feel that it’s a place with diversity and openness, and we were so thankful to be able to hear her story. (READ FULL POST)

Over the last year, our Urban Corning community grew to more than 2,500 fans on Facebook, it welcomed new folks from New York to Oregon on Twitter and came very close to reaching 1,000 Instagram followers. Thank you for growing with us, and for your continued support. Looking back at the success and stories of the previous year, we can’t help but feel excitement for what this year is sure to have in store. So, from all of us at Urban Corning, to all of you, here’s to one heck of a 2016! 


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