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Posted on Jun 17, 2016 in Best of Corning

We’ve all been to those places where there, without question, are just no “good vibes.” Everyone seems to be down and out, lacking enthusiasm, and overall – not excited to be where they are. But then you come to Corning.

As someone who didn’t grow up in Corning, and hasn’t spent a ton of time here until recently, I consider this place to be like no other. From the outside looking in, you almost become envious of the locals who’ve had the opportunity to experience this lovely city day in and day out.

“The museum!” “The other museum!” Wine!” “Shopping!” Food!” “Wine!” “Wine!” “The Raddison!” “Wine!”

Did I say wine?

There’s some great wine around here, to say the very least. But that’s not the only amazing thing about our little city (p.s., if you haven’t been to The Cellar, you need to get there. Wine).

We all know what Market Street has to offer physically, but what about the people there? The attitude of the locals? You can’t enjoy a beer at Hand and Foot if you’re surrounded by miserable people. Luckily, that’s never the case.

So why is this? Why is Corning such a happy, interesting place? Because its so different. Nothing’s ever the same, there’s always something going on, and there are always different people to meet and talk to (hey thanks, Corning Incorporated). Headquarters attracts all different types of people from around the world, with all different backgrounds and a wealth of knowledge. Different languages, cultures, and experiences enrich the area with endless learning opportunities.

People come from all over the East Coast, and even the country to enjoy the Crystal City during the summertime. Close enough to major areas such as NYC and Toronto, but secluded enough to enjoy the beautiful mountains, nature, and incredible scenery. It’s hard to not be happy when you’re in Corning.

The summer here is not only gorgeous due to the amazing Chemung River, but it also has the most incredible ice cream, stunning views AND awesome wineries (hey, Finger Lakes). When walking up and down Market Street, it’s hard to see someone WITHOUT a smile on their face.

We spent lunch hour on Market Street talking with different people about their feelings about their city, and what they loved to do here, and everyone had the same thing to say: “they LOVE it and they LOVE Market Street.”

Whether you’re grabbing lunch, having a cup of coffee, or enjoying a book in the afternoon, the square is the place for you. Sunshine, good vibes, (wine), and a light happy atmosphere is what Corning, NY is all about.

Bridget Carney

Bridget Carney

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