My GlassFest Secret…


Photo courtesy of Corning’s Gaffer District

I have a secret. One that I am ashamed to admit, because I love this city so much. I have never been to GlassFest. However, hearing about all of the activities is getting me really excited to spend the weekend in Corning.

Starting off Thursday with 2300°, you can find me dancing the night away to Natalie Stovall and The Drive and Dirty Bourbon River Show following the GlassFest ribbon cutting.

Friday is an Urban Corning favorite, Urban Arts Crawl! This month is full of new interesting exhibits and activities that you’ll want to check out. In addition to the usual stops, The Dream Wanderer, a touring virtual reality gallery, will be located near the clock tower in Centerway Square. So yeah, 5-8pm on Friday, come hang out with us.


Photo courtesy of Corning’s Gaffer District

I really love a good night of live music, and lucky for me, GlassFest is highlighting great bands Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I will be bringing a big blanket and hanging out in Riverfront Centennial Park to watch the shows in the beautiful weather.

I’ll probably regret this at 8am on Saturday, but I will be running the GlassFest 8k with my dear friends at the Community Foundation. But hey, I’ll burn a bunch of calories bright and early and not feel so bad about the rest of the Memorial Day Weekend calorie consumption.


Photo courtesy of Corning’s Gaffer District

The rest of my Saturday and Sunday will be spent with friends enjoying the many vendors and shows that will fill Market Street.

I’m excited to celebrate the launch of the summer season with great friends, good food, and probably, too much beer.


See you there!

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