The Art of Antiquing

Posted on Aug 8, 2017 in Best of Corning, Shopping

Antique shops are one of Market Street’s gems. There are more than you think, with more treasures than you can imagine. To learn more about the art of antiquing, I reached out to my friend, Lauren Cain, to learn more about her love for all things pyrex and antiques.

bottlesAntiquing. Something Market St. in Corning, NY does better than any other city in the area. Throughout my childhood I came to antique shops with my mother and it always sparked a sense of wonder. I loved the way that each item seemed to have a story, and I used to dream up of everything the item had been through in its life. Who used to own it? What kind of family did they grow up in? What were the things that made them feel alive? The history in each item is truly remarkable, and has kept me coming back to Market St. so many times.


One of my favorite places is Twin Tiers Antique Plaza. They have the store organized by vendors; each section is specific to sellers. They have the absolute BEST selection of vintage Pyrex in the area. As most know, ‘Corningware’ and ‘Pyrex’ are famous brands that were originally founded in Corning in the 1950s- introduced by Corning Glass. They have a wonderful selection of these vintage kitchen sets, coming in the cutest designs and prints. I love the product, but what I love most is that I can bring home a slice of Corning’s history.

pyrexThey also have an incredible selection of glassware, furniture, vintage toys, historic household items, and so much more. When I need a unique gift; I love to make a stop here. When I come, I typically have to set a timer on my phone to remind me to leave, or I could easily wander around for hours and lose track of time. As the years go on, and as I explore around new cities, the love for Corning in my heart grows. No place seems to compare to this unique place. I am so happy to have historic antiques from wonderful little nooks on Market St. that will remind me of my childhood, and the place that I call home.


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