Corning, You’ve Got Some Clark Griswold in You

Corning’s Gaffer District, the City, and numerous businesses & organizations do a great job of decorating our community throughout the holiday season… but there’s plenty to see in our residential neighborhoods too.  Since we’re all pretty busy this time of year, we decided to check out a few pockets of homes in the City and surrounding areas, and are sharing some of our favorites with you!


Classic bungalow with lots of variety (Houghton Plot – Pulteney Street)


Digging the rope effect (Southside – Fourth Street between Pine & Cedar)


The lit trees cast a cool floodlight effect on the Tudor facade (Southside – Pine Street between Fourth & Fifth)


(Northside – Sharwill Place)


(Northside – Reynolds Avenue)


(Southside – Fifth Street between Walnut & Chestnut)



Countdown Santa! (Houghton Plot – South Place)


Impressive figures (Painted Post – Grace Avenue)



Dickensian carolers and toy soldiers (Painted Post – Grace Avenue)


You probably couldn’t miss this one in the background of the previous photos… in fact, you probably couldn’t miss this one from an airplane! (Painted Post – Grace Avenue)


Loving the tasteful minimalism here (Painted Post – Arnold Thompson Drive)


Lots of pockets like this throughout the area… with multiple neighbors filling their block with light & color (Painted Post – Imperial Avenue)


The pièce de résistance… we couldn’t help but smile & wave back (Southside – Fifth Street between Walnut & Chestnut)

This is just a handful of the beautifully decorated homes you can find in & around Corning.  If we missed yours – or there’s a nice one nearby you – share a pic on our Facebook post!

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  1. Sharon Sabatini
    December 20, 2017

    The Christmas Celebration is beautiful! As usual, you always give us your best.


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