Holmes Plate: BBQ Burger

Holmes Plate: BBQ Burger

Posted on Nov 14, 2010 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

I’ll make this quick. I’m sick as hell. My mom is visiting this weekend, and I woke up today with a KILLER cold. I couldn’t eat a full dinner so I took my Mom to Holmes Plate because I knew they had soup and it’s one of my favorite places in town. We both got […]

Tony R’s Steak and Seafood

Posted on Jun 19, 2009 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

Tony R’s Steak and Seafood sits stoically on the corner of Market St and Pine St smack in the middle of downtown Corning, NY. It’s a relatively new establishment (2008) providing the city with a fine dining experience. The menu features steaks, seafood, pastas, ribs, salads, soup, a variety of sides and appetizers to share […]

Happy Tails Pet Resort

Happy Tails Pet Resort

I do not know what I would do without Happy Tails Daycare and Pet Resort (11929 E Corning Rd, Corning, NY). My girlfriend Bonnie and I travel about once or twice a month to visit friends / family, take ski trips, etc… but the problem is, we have an amazing Australian Sheppard named Shayla and […]

Atlas Pizza

Posted on Jan 7, 2009 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

I love Atlas Pizza. To be honest, I’ve only been in Corning for 3 months and I have not been to every single pizza place in town or explored the menus as much as I’d like. However, Atlas Pizza really stands out so far. I have been here three times, tried a bit of their […]

Holmes Plate

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

Holmes Plate (54 W Market St, Corning NY) says they are the only restaurant in the Crystal City for ribs… I’m not sure if that’s literally true, but I may not order ribs from another place ever again… Lets just get to it… Holmes’ Plate may have the biggest and best ribs I have had […]

Indian Grill

Posted on Nov 8, 2008 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

The Indian Grill in downtown Corning, NY (84 E Market St). My girlfriend and I ate here a few nights ago and I think I discovered my favorite dish in town. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that I was the only person there. I was waiting for my girlfriend to […]