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Fire up your night! Mt Fuji.

As you might expect, there are a good amount of theatrics during the cooking. Various utensils seemed to narrowly miss my face (I sat to the chefs side; that seems to be the danger zone). First the rice is cooked. Eggs are broken. Knives are flying. Fires are set. They must pay a lot for insurance.

Old World Cafe

Old World Cafe (1 W. Market St, Corning, NY) is my staple lunch spot in Corning. Located smack-dab in the middle of Market St (in Centerway Square), you really can’t miss it. On a weekday lunch hour, it is swarming with locals looking to grab a homemade sandwich and cup of soup.

Mmmmmm Jelly Beans (Painted Post)

That awesome club sandwich you are gawking at is from Jelly Beans (319 South Hamilton Street, Painted Post, NY). I was attempting to eat healthy. Well at least it’s not a burger right? And I only ate half of it. So I was pretty good. Except for the bacon. and guacamole. and fries. … damn it. My girlfriend got a Salad. So I at least SAW a salad. Oh wait her salad had steak on it. Hmmmm. But it’s not like it was a burger right?