Old World Cafe

Posted on Dec 16, 2008 in Food & Drink

The Old World Cafe is located in the center of Market St in Corning, NY (in Centerway Square). I have been wanting to go here ever since I peered through the window and saw an ice cream filled pastry being eaten by someone who was not me. My girlfriend Bonnie has been aching to visit […]

Beginning Glassblowing Class

Posted on Dec 3, 2008 in Corning Museum of Glass

My girlfriend Bonnie and I took an intro to glassblowing class at the Corning Museum of Glass (1 Museum Way, Corning, NY). I went into it with absolutely no experience and came out of it with a pretty good idea of how glass is made… along with some confidence in my ability to make a […]

Holmes Plate

Posted on Nov 24, 2008 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

Holmes Plate (54 W Market St, Corning NY) says they are the only restaurant in the Crystal City for ribs… I’m not sure if that’s literally true, but I may not order ribs from another place ever again… Lets just get to it… Holmes’ Plate may have the biggest and best ribs I have had […]


Posted on Nov 22, 2008 in Corning Museum of Glass

Thursday night, I spent the evening at the Corning Museum of Glass event 2300°: Ornament-A-Palooza. Whenever you hear about a 2300° event at CMOG, it is an event that is free and open to the public (there’s another coming in December). A ton of people show up and at this particular one, the theme was […]

Indian Grill

Posted on Nov 8, 2008 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

The Indian Grill in downtown Corning, NY (84 E Market St). My girlfriend and I ate here a few nights ago and I think I discovered my favorite dish in town. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that I was the only person there. I was waiting for my girlfriend to […]

Corning Museum of Glass – First Impressions

Posted on Nov 7, 2008 in Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). This was the first place I visited when I moved to Corning. It’s one of the most well known attractions in our area, and visitors from around the world are there on a daily basis. In the spirit of full disclosure, my girlfriend works at the CMOG. I hope […]

Hello Corning!

Posted on Nov 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

As of today, I have lived in Corning, NY for a week and a couple days. I just moved here with my girlfriend (who works at the Corning Museum of Glass) from Tallahassee, FL (yes I moved to NY state from Florida in November). Actually, I grew up in this area, and I even took […]