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Posted on Nov 8, 2008 in Best of Corning, Food & Drink

The Indian Grill in downtown Corning, NY (84 E Market St). My girlfriend and I ate here a few nights ago and I think I discovered my favorite dish in town.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was that I was the only person there. I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish up a phone call outside with her mom, so I had some time to talk to the owner while I looked over the menu. He told me that the business had only opened a couple months ago and was slowly picking up. The setup inside was very nice; somewhere between casual and fine dining. A little more Indian decor could add to the atmosphere, but I assume that will come as business picks up.

Indian food is probably my favorite ethnic food. It’s also the one I know the least about and what took me the longest to appreciate. Although, I did have an Indian roommate in college that was the President of the Indian Cooking Club. I have a couple dishes I know, but generally I just order something random or ask the waiter or my girlfriend (who knows her Indian food) to recommend something.

We ordered the Indian Medley appetizer which was a variety of appetizers (samosa, pakora, etc…) and sauces from their menu ($5.95). It was very good. Soft and crispy fried veggies such as cauliflower and potato, with very good sauces.

For our meals I got the Mango Chicken ($9) and my girlfriend got Chicken Korma ($11). [Note: It’s easy to save money here because you would almost certainly get enough food for 2 by just ordering one meal and an appetizer. Most dishes are presented and made to be shared.] We also tried each kind of Nan (Indian bread… the garlic and regular nan were awesome). [Note: you can save money by ordering the bread basket and choosing which breads you’d like, rather than ordering them individually]. Depending on how much spice you like, you can ask for your meal to be mild, medium, or hot. I recommend medium to get the full flavor. Indian spices aren’t always “hot.” I would say a better would would be “strong.”

Our meal was amazing. The sauces were full of flavor and cooked to perfection and not too spicy (in fact, I’m going to order hot next time). Their Mango Chicken is my favorite dish in town so far (sweet and spicy!). I am picturing scooping it all up with my Nan and I am about to faint.

Can you tell I liked this place? Go give these people your business. We need to keep them around for a while! They are open for dinner from 5pm-10 (to 10:30 on weekends). They also offer a lunch buffet every day of the week (m-f 11:30-2:30, Sat-Sun 12-3). I have not had the buffet yet, but their menu says that it’s the “Largest Indian Lunch Buffet in the Historic District.” It’s also a great way to sample a variety of dishes.

I have asked their permission to post a menu, I hope to hear back soon.

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