Global Taco trucks into my world, and yours

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Food & Drink

Global Taco returns to Corning on August 7. Go on and get you some.

I love tacos.

I mean, who doesn’t love tacos? Tacos. Are. Awesome.

I am a regular at Market Street’s Fiesta Brava, and I love it. But Global Taco, because I can’t get it easily every day, is more than a meal- it’s an event. And you should find out where it is, and go to there.

Global Taco is a truck. And Schuyler County native Sara Caldwell brings the tacos to me. Well, not just me. All of us, really. She brings her global taco goodness to the world that is the greater Corning area.

You can find Global Taco during the lunch and dinner hours at various locations all over Steuben, Schuyler and Chemung counties, and at festivals and special events. Sara even does private parties and weddings. I mean … c’mon! I’d consider getting married all over again just to say I had a taco truck at my wedding.

I was a Global Taco virgin until I found Sara and her bright orange “baby” parked at Quick Stop Beverage in South Corning last month. I was on a Taco Adventure with Dave Rochelle, Sean Lukasik and Marty Ennulat. Being the gentlemen they are, I ordered first and, let me tell you what … I had my two tacos and accompanying black beans, jasmine rice and corn salad downed before the other three even finished ordering. I’m too brassy to have even been embarrassed. I just wanted more taco.

Sara serves up the “American” taco we are all used to- seasoned ground beef or chicken chunks with lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream. Only it’s better than what we are all used to, because Sara cooks to order and tries to use the freshest locally-grown ingredients. You can taste the freshness. And then, there’s the love. I swear you can taste the love in Global tacos.

“I love to eat food,” Sara says. “I wanted to try things and nobody was making the kind of food I wanted to try; I want lots of diverse food that is really, really good and kind of healthy and kind of inexpensive.”

A bit of a nomad, Sara has lived all over the country, and found her niche in a food truck she worked at in Hawaii years ago. And last June, she brought that experience home with Global Taco.

“Every time I’d go someplace else, I’d always end up back in Watkins. There’s a lot going on here,” she says.

Every place she’s been has found a way into her cuisine, whether it’s Hawaii, Nashville or Ohio.

Other Global Taco delights are:

Jamaican- jerk chicken, lettuce, peach salsa and cilantro
Upstate- Spiedie chicken, lettuce, Spiedie sauce and onion
Hawaiian- smoked pork and cabbage, letture, Hawaiian BBQ and onion
Egyptian- vegan falafel, lettuce, hummus, pico and tahini
Baja Fish- grilled tilapia cabbage, avocado, pico and creamy chipotle
Mexican Street- spicy chicken with cilantro and onion on corn tortillas
Korean- Kalbi (Korean-style) beef, lettuce, kimchi, sweet chili sauce and cilantro
Southern Pork BBQ- pulled pork, BBQ sauce, slaw and bacon
Chinese- teriyaki chicken, lettuce, jasmine rice and stir-fry veggies
Meat Tornado- chicken, pork, and beef with lettuce, black beans, pico, corn salad, cheese, and sour cream, all wrapped up

Single tacos are $2.75; a plate of three with jasmine rice, corn salad and black beans is $8.50; mini plates of two taco and half orders of the sides are $6.25. But go for the full plate. For sure. Seriously, it’s embarrassing to go back for seconds before your friends have even been served.

Sara and Global Taco will hit Quick Stop Beverage in South Corning again on August 7 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., before restocking for Race Fever in Corning that evening. She’s at Hector Wine Company every Monday from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. and The Tasting Room in Watkins Glen on Tuesday from 6-9 p.m.

“Like” Global Taco on Facebook to find out Sara’s ever-changing location schedule.

Maria Strinni
Maria Strinni, is a photographer and owner of Strinni Studio, and a partner at CreAgent Marketing in Corning, NY.
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