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Posted on Aug 15, 2015 in Food & Drink, Local News, Unique Area Businesses

Starting August 24th, you’ll no longer be able to walk into 88 W. Market for one of The Source’s deliciously blended juices…

…but don’t fret, you’ll only need to step across the street to 85 W. Market to enjoy all of your favorite healthy alternatives. As their business continues to grow, in both popularity and demand, our friends at The Source have decided to make the move to a much larger double-storefront across the way. On Monday, August 24th, The Source will launch the soft opening of its new location, in the historic storefront of the former Hawks Crystal Factory No. 2.

This historic Market Street property is most significant for its association with T.G. Hawkes Company, which occupied the building from 1913 through the 1960’s. From this location, the company produced, etched and engraved some of the world’s finest crystal glass, and played a major role in the social, economic and cultural history of the city that we all call home. The building itself is a major feature of the Market Street skyline, and its historic character is one of the best examples of Downtown Corning’s illustrious past.

With more space, state of the art upgrades and a seriously cool atmosphere to call their own, it seems like our friends at The Source have been struck with a bit of inspiration.

We don’t want to divulge too many specifics, because we think it’s only right that the changes The Source have worked so painstakingly hard to undertake retain a sense of secrecy. That said, we can definitely tell you that if you’ve liked what they’ve been doing all along, you’re going to love what they have now. And, if you’ve never stepped in for a juice or sandwich, you won’t have many excuses not to after the 24th.

Featuring wood reclaimed from the factory’s original amenities, the new location will offer a true blue dining area for guests to enjoy locally sourced food items. Exposed brick, large domed windows, solid beams and industrial lighting will allow those same guests to enjoy a gorgeous contemporary space without losing its historic significance, a trend that’s truly made Downtown Corning, and its businesses, a nationally renowned destination.

Coupled with what’s sure to be an amazing decor, The Source will continue to serve up the same health-conscious offerings that have made it a Market Street staple, with the addition of some heartier menu items, and a special surprise I’m sure all you locavores will enjoy.

Truthfully, we could go on and on about the upgrades and awesome plans that The Source has in store for its new space, but we’re going to leave you with just the little bit of information that we’ve already divulged. If you want to know more, check out the new location for yourself on the 24th.

PS: While you’re there, keep an eye on their juice menu. Rumor has it that you’ll be able to order an Urban Corning… whatever that is.


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